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We learn to live WHOLE best in community.  Receive resources, motivation, inspiration as we journey together:


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We learn to live WHOLE best in community.  Receive resources, motivation, inspiration as we journey together:

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Welcome to EveryDay our founders:


Hey Guys…it is an honor to have you visit our EveryDay wholeness community.  I am a Transformational Path Blazer, which simply means I love to help individuals and organizations move forward into previously unreached territory.

As a former walk-on Ohio State football player, I love to help people go after dreams and aspirations that once seemed impossible.

As a Pastor, I enjoy sharing truth that leads people into greater levels of freedom and purpose.

As a husband and father of three, I’m passionate about seeing the home and community restored to the beauty it was designed to carry.

As Co-Founder of EveryDay Wholeness, I am excited to see an entire community learn to live whole…so let's do this together!


I am a nurturer and a lover, so my heart here at Everyday Wholeness is for you to feel cared for, fed, and a little bit more whole after interacting with our offerings. I have a strong desire to see hearts, minds, and bodies healed, relationships restored, and homes flourishing.

I have a BS from The Ohio State University in Human Development and Family Science. I’ve been writing about hearts and homes, faith and family life for over 15 years. I am a certified Enneagram coach, a full-time Mom of three, a preacher’s wife, a self-taught home chef, and a life longer learner and observer.

My desire is for everyone here to find real encouragement and lasting freedom. Let’s get started!


EveryDay Wholeness exists to cultivate and inspire abundant living.  We create content that we hope inspires and motivates you, while at the same time gives you practical ways to move towards whole living.  EveryDay Wholeness is meant for every day and every day kind of people.